2024 Celebrations

A Happy and Prosperous 2024 to all as we arrive at the year of Celebrations and Remembrances of The Reverend Sabine Baring-Gould. The actual date is recorded for his death is 2nd January 1924, but the event is too important to Devon and Cornwall to let go in a single day. Please feel free to pass on any interesting facts or events about the great man and we will endeavour to add them to the website so that all may bear witness.

  • One of my father’s cousins, Stanley Luxmoore Yeo, now himself in his 100th year tells a story of Sabine lending his parents the Baring-Gould car and chauffeur to take them to Exeter for their Honeymoon in 1916. If you have interesting family anecdotes please pass them on – ffglewtrenchard@aol.com

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