Forgotten Garden Bluebell Event May 2023

The bluebell event held at The Forgotten Garden of Lewtrenchard next to St Peter’s church and the Lewtrenchard Manor hotel, formerly Lew House, went well this May and weather permitted a great afternoon with cream teas and a Pixie Hunt. Only “Toilet Ted” remained in the woodland after the event and was eventually discovered by keen eyed visitors who returned him to his normal domicile.

The Forgotten Garden of Lewtrenchard has a quiet woodland walk above and around St Peter’s church that was originally created over 100years ago by Revd Sabine Baring-Gould for his wife, Grace, when she became ill with arthritis and was not easily able to take exercise. The walk has been open to the public for over 10years and has a Holy Well, which re-dedicated in 2013 to mark 100years since it was then re-dedicated at that time by Revd Sabine Baring-Gould.

Today the woodland walk is open to the public and run by volunteers. For more information –

The Friends

Lewtrenchard Holy Well Restored 2
Lewtrenchard Holy Well restored