St. Peter, Lewtrenchard. SB-G Centenary Report Jan 2024

Our celebrations started off with a wonderful fanfare of worship and fellowship on Tuesday 2nd January with the Solemn Eucharist on the Centenary of SB-G’s death.
Bishop Michael Langrish presided and preached at a joyful occasion in which a full church enjoyed hearty singing, and an excellent sermon (text available) examining the life and mission of SB-G. Sadly the weather prevented us from gathering at the graveside, but we were able to gather at SB-G’s portrait, where Amelia (his great great great granddaughter) laid flowers. There is some discussion as to the meaning of the high winds that appeared while we were in church!
The service was not just a trip into nostalgia, as alongside singing some of his hymns we also sang hymns within the tradition written more recently.
After the Bishop’s blessing and dismissal, we relocated to the Victory Hall for a wonderful celebration lunch at which many contact were renewed and made. Sadly, the beautiful cake made especially for the occasion featuring a wonderful picture of both the Church and SB-G had to be vandalised by the Bishop assisted by Amelia, but it was worth it as it was delicious.
A huge thank you to all who worked towards and participated in what was a major occasion in the life of this parish and community, and one that can be looked back on with pride.
Special thanks goes all who worked toward the service. Those who cleaned and tidied, and prepared the church for the service. The musicians, readers, and sides-men, and of course the team who provided our lovely lunch. I am certain that SB-G would have thoroughly approved.
Next, we have our Third Sunday Evensong on Sunday 21st February, thinking about the acquisition of the family’s wealth including businesses connected with the Slave Trade, and how we should respond to that. This is followed on 2nd March with our fun Edwardian Parlour Entertainment. Both of these events are advertised elsewhere in this website.
Between now and October we will be taking time on some Third Sunday Afternoons to reflect on the legacy of our former Priest and Squire The Revd. Sabine Baring-Gould.

Third Sunday Afternoon in February 2024 we will be exploring:
Baring-Gould and the Legacy of Baring’s Bank and the Slave Trade.
Although Baring-Gould is known for many good works, both for the nation and his community, much of the wealth that enabled his philanthropy came from historic investments in what we now look on as a shameful period of our history.
We welcome The Revd. Tanya Hocking-Still: the Diocesan Champion for the UKME community to help guide us in how we should reflect on our past and build for our future.

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