Launch Event of Remembrance & Celebration at St Peter’s Lewtrenchard

On the day of the death of The Reverend Sabine Baring-Gould the church of St Peter’s was full and a Solemn Sung Eucharist of Thanksgiving for, and in Commemoration of, his life was given. He would have been proud of the service and of his great, great, great grand daughter’s laying of a wreath at his picture in the church. During the service not only did the sun shine low through the stain glass windows onto the altar and Clergy, but the wind was such that it was sensible not to lay the wreath immediately at the grave of the great man and his wife.

To indicate the weather at the time of the service the great beech tree on the down above Lew Trenchard school fell across the Bratton Clovelly road. I have known the tree since childhood and am sorry for its passing. The singing of Onward Christian Soldiers in a full St Peter’s church reminded me of my Father playing the organ and its singing by the Lew Trenchard primary school.

A special thank you goes to Tinhay Builders Merchants for their generosity in helping to restore the Baring-Gould grave.

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After the service a lunch was provided by St Peter’s PCC at the Lewdown Village Hall with a cake cut by The Right Reverend Michael Langrish; Former Bishop of Exeter and the great, great, great grand daughter of Sabine Baring-Gould.

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