Cinderella by the Red Spider Youth Theatre plus future plans

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The Red Spider Youth Theatre are presenting the fairy tale Cinderella this April and are planning more during the year of celebrations.

Look out for the RSYT presentations 2pm on 30th June -Taken from Baring Gould’s book of Old English Fairy Tales, RSYT present two performance pieces in the gardens of Upcott Barton, Broadwood Widger. NB Outdoors if weather permits (bring your own seat) with tea/coffee and cake available in interval.

There will be an ensemble devised piece inspired by the ballad from which the child’s story ‘Cat-skins’ was developed. Plus there will be a performance of ‘The Crown of White Roses’, a dramatic depiction of a children’s story, as penned by Sabine Baring Gould. Along with traditional songs and recorder music from Packhorse. 

Please bring your own seats and picnics (outdoors in weather is fine). Ticket/prices to be confirmed
Showcase : The two fairy tales will be repeated on Saturday 6th July at 3pm at the Lewdown Victory hall.

A Play  is planned by the adult Red Spiders for mid-November – more information to follow.